Cards On The Table Challenge

This was an Instagram challenge @lego_bird I decided to do with playing cards to show that you can answer EVERY question with playing cards. The prompts were for imaginary clients. Here are the cards I chose and the messages I gave.

The cards show that although you may feel stuck, you’re actually moving pretty fast. The double 8 shows an actual move. The numerical theme is a 1 which shows a vibration of new beginnings. It also brings restlessness and impatience. The last card provides the answer. The 3♦️is one of incremental increase. Things are happening little by little. So you may feel stuck because things are happening at a slower pace than you’d like but you are making progress.

The cards show he’s pessimistic and unhappy and feeling overwhelmed but there aren’t any cards showing deceit. The yes/no answer is maybe but only if you go after it. But since this is a negatively worded question, we have to adjust that a bit. The best response is he’s not cheating yet but he might if you keep pushing the matter. A bit of self-fulfilling prophecy at work. The numerical theme is 2 which shows your real question is are we still compatible? The 8♠️ shows there’s feelings of restriction, probably on both sides. Start your discussions there.

Wow! I don’t think I’ve seen three face cards line up like this. And the deck was heavily shuffled too. In my system, face cards usually represent ppl first but can also represent places, situations and relationship status. In this case, since the reading is only about the seeker, I’m going to interpret as identity or role. Also since this is a guidance question, the last card gives the answer of Be a better manager. This means to manage your time, energy, resources, workload, play in a way that allows you more freedom. The numerical theme is 9 which means the seeker is really asking, How can I release the past and start over? There may be some old issues that are still weighing them down from the past. This Jack is always on the go and is pretty unreliable. This Queen loves to party and hang out. If we think of these cards as stages of development, we can see the seeker maturing and taking charge of their life.

Yes and help is on the way. This is the yes/no answer. Since the final card holds the most weight we also get affirmation from the A♥️ which means a fondness for something or someone. The double 10 reveals a major decision. The numerical theme is 3 which shows your real question is Should I continue with this? So that’s most likely the question that requires the major decision.

Y’all I offer an entire class on answering this question!!!! Check it out. It’s called How To Give Enchanting Soulmate Readings. For this question, I just pull one card first to assess the seeker’s readiness. If a ♠️ appears, as it did here, they ain’t ready for a soulmate. There’s a block that needs to be addressed first. In this case, the J♠️shows they’re burning their bridges with mistrustful and paranoid behavior. They may also be attracting troublemakers. The next step is to do a Thought, Word, Deed spread to get more info
Thought 4♣️ The seeker thinks about relationships in terms of challenge and competition
Word 9♦️Their real question is how to release the past and start over so there’s some old baggage that needs to be addressed
Deed 6♥️ Instead of changing, they’re continuing to do what they’ve always done

The numerical theme is 8 which means the seeker’s real question is What’s my next step? Although things start off good with the seeker following their passion, there’s an unexpected and surprising twist that creates a block in the form of the 7♠️ which in my system means lack of clarity or deceiving yourself. There’s usually some missing piece of info when this card appears. So before dropping out of college, wait and make sure you’ve got all the right information, the pros and cons, and read the fine print.

He is happily (9♥️) waiting (2♣️) to reincarnate in a physical body (A♦️). The numerical theme is 3 so this is a time of creative expansion for him.

The double 6 means something happening again so I’m wondering if there’s already been a pattern of breaking up and getting back together. The numerical theme is 6 which shows the seeker is wondering if it’s worth the effort to keep going with the relationship despite their question. Since this is a reading about the girlfriend’s actions, we can see she’s in healing mode (6♥️) but there’s emotional baggage and difficulty letting go of the past (6♠️). Therefore, the answer is maybe but it will cost you. It looks like her return will be incremental, one day at a time and you’ll have to take baby steps into this relationship again.

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