The Quick Cut

This is a modified version of the quick cut explained in Chita Lawrence's book, It's All In The Cards. This introductory spread helps you see what's uppermost in the seeker's thoughts. For these cases, no question is asked. It can also be used for quick yes/no/maybe questions. To perform the reading, shuffle and cut the cards in this way: Use the left hand to cut the deck and set the card face up. Then turn the pile on the right upside down so you can see the bottom card.

Card on the left = inner world, private self and internal influences.

Card on the right = outer world, public self and external influences.

The way to find meaning with this spread is to compare and contrast the cards. It's often the case that the left card reveals an inner desire while the right card shows what's actually happening.


The numerical theme gives you a question. If the theme is yes/no (Are we compatible?), you can use both cards combined for the yes/no/maybe response.

Interpret any doubles.

Interpret face card conversations.

Any Spades card on the left means there's an inner block and you're not ready to move forward. More assessment and inner work needs to be done.

Any Spades card on the right means there's an external block or restriction that needs to be addressed.

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