I'm excited that you've enrolled in How To Get An Eye For Photography. All of the lessons are available so you can begin learning the secrets to compelling iPhone photos right away. The course includes:

  • 10 videos revealing the secrets to taking more compelling iPhone photos
  • 3 live presentations/photo review sessions held over a 3-month period
  • a downloadable .pdf & summary sheet

There is also bonus content available:

  • iPad art tutorials
  • 30-day photo challenges
  • access to my premium Skillshare course, The Photo Walk Challenge

We will create community through the LIVE sessions and by sharing photos on Instagram. The LIVE sessions cover specific topics on photography and include a group photo review. You are not required to attend these live sessions. They will be recorded and added to the classroom within 48 hours.

We will be using a platform called ZOOM for live sessions. You may need to download an application to join us, so head over to the Zoom website and download what you need. Use this TIME ZONE CONVERTER to make sure you know when to show up. The August LIVE session will be held Thursday, August 10. Future LIVE session dates/times to be announced.