How To Read Oracle Cards

Tap into your intuition and wisdom

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This course is completely self-paced at this time and includes more than 50 lessons, 5+ hours of video, and a 83-page downloadable .pdf summary. All of the LIVE sessions have been recorded and are available in the classroom. NOTE: This is NOT a certification course. Enroll for a $77 one-time payment or 7 payments of $12/month.

Have you seen oracle cards and wondered how you can benefit from them? Are you curious about how readers access guidance and insights from oracle cards? If I could show you a way to tap into your natural skills and wisdom to read oracle cards fluently, would you be interested?

In this class, we'll be sharing techniques for reading oracle cards, divination cards without a traditional structure. Through video tutorials and exercises, you'll discover all the secrets of quickly performing accurate readings every time. Whether you are a novice or you've been studying divination and oracle cards for some time, you'll gain a new understanding of symbolism and methods of interpretation. You will develop consistency and clarity as you tap into your own unique approach to reading oracle cards.


You're completely new to oracle cards or the practice of card reading

You're unsure about how to use your oracle deck

You've been reading for a while but still feel like a beginner

You wish to go beyond daily one-card pulls

You want to be more confident in your answers


Video tutorials

More than 50 lessons

LIVE study sessions (recorded and available)

Weekly journaling prompts

A .pdf manual


In this class, you will be performing practice readings. All of the practice readings will be performed for an imaginary seeker (person seeking answers or insights) instead of for yourself. This is because many newbies rely on personal feelings, thoughts, and beliefs INSTEAD of reading the cards. Reading cards is about bypassing your personal feelings, thoughts, and beliefs to tap into your Higher Self and higher wisdom. Reading for others or for an imaginary seeker helps to develop objectivity which is required for all readings, whether you're reading for yourself or others. You're encouraged to continue practicing readings outside of this course for yourself and for others when you feel ready.


Learn to read with confidence and precision

Uncover your personal reading style and preferences

Discover your perfect deck type

Identify the 7 types of questions and how to answer them

Attune your deck to activate your inner wisdom

Identify and interpret a variety of symbols

Use 3 methods of interpretation

Go beyond the guidebook meanings

Learn to see the light and shadow of every card

Connect the cards to actual events and experiences in your life

Learn to provide card readings to examine the past, present, and future


Week 1: Introduction, Choosing Your Next Oracle Deck, Greeting Your Oracle Deck

Week 2: The Question, Interpretation Methods, Symbols & Meaning

Week 3: The Reading Process, Reading Tips

Week 4: Reading Examples

Week 5: Spreads

Week 6: Reading for Others


To complete this class, you need:

a journal: this course contains exercises and journaling prompts. A notebook or journal is a great place to record your answers and insights.

an oracle deck: having at least one oracle deck will be helpful in completing exercises and practicing readings.


If anyone has even an inkling of interest in Oracle cards, then they should take the class. It is packed with so much information. The "fluff factor" is completely tossed out the window. There are live sessions (taped if you can't make them), lots of visuals and the opportunity to swap readings with other students and to get and give feedback. I have no regrets in taking this class. In fact, it's amped up my appreciation and love of Oracle cards. They've quickly become my "go to" for doing readings, card pulls, etc. Thank you Kristen for offering this class. It was definitely a homerun!

I would encourage anyone interested in Oracle cards to take this course! Kristen is an awesome teacher... the content is very high quality and I learned so much via the private Facebook group and doing reading exchanges. Some of the skills I learned I also apply to my Tarot Reading as it really gives you a framework to work in.

Your Instructor


I have a lifelong passion for studying symbolism in many forms. From an early age, I've been interpreting symbols. At ten, I helped friends interpret their dreams and decode their personal symbols. At 12, I discovered handwriting analysis and all the secrets you could discover in the beauty of a simple scribble. My passion is helping people see the symbolic patterns in their life and ways to use them for problem solving and self-discovery. As a soul coaching instructor, I have led students to a better understanding of themselves through dream work, archetypes and shadow exercises.

I'm also a divination junkie who has studied a variety of divination systems including tarot, oracle cards, playing cards, dowsing, dice divination, and charmcasting. In the late 1990s, I developed my own system of reading playing cards and was pioneering cartomancy instruction on the web under the name Twelve of Hearts Cartomancy. After reading tarot and oracle cards for over 20 years and parting ways with at least 200 decks, I decided to create my own decks. To date, I've created more than 20 unique tarot and oracle decks for prediction, guidance, and self-discovery. You can SHOP FOR PRODUCTS in my Printerstudio shopspace.

Some of my divination courses and websites:

Your Future Is In The Cards: Become a Fortune Teller in 7 Days

Discover Fortune Telling With Charms: The Treasure Casting Oracle ~ Divining Magic for a New Generation

Over The Moon Oracle Cards Blog

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Course Curriculum

  SECTION 3: Greeting Your Oracle Deck
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days after you enroll
  SECTION 6: Symbols & Meaning
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the class start and finish?
The class officially begins on September 25 and ends November 3, 2017. However, since this is a self-paced online course, you can begin it any time enrollment is open and complete the lessons and instruction at your pace.
How long do I have access to the course?
Students have "lifetime" access to any content here in the Teachable classroom. *Lifetime means the lifetime of the class. There may come a time when this course is retired or not open for enrollment but you will still have access to the material if you've already enrolled. The Facebook group access is 6 months. Course enrollment ends at the end of January 2018.
I've never read oracle cards before. Do I need to have reading experience for this class?
No previous experience is necessary. We're starting from scratch, at the beginning. We'll discuss what oracle cards are and how to choose your first or next deck. Then we'll get into symbols, interpretation methods, and readings. All you need is a curiosity to learn. And you do NOT need to be psychic or have any special intuitive gifts.
Do I need an oracle deck for this class?
Yes, you'll need an oracle deck because we'll be doing exercises and practice readings with it. You can get any oracle deck based on a non-traditional structure. That means it shouldn't be a tarot deck, or Lenormand deck for example. I'll be using many decks to show examples so any deck you enjoy is fine to use.
How does this class work?
There are pre-recorded lessons in the classroom that you can review at your own pace. New lessons will be available each week throughout the 6-week period. Lessons are designed to help you learn all the basics of reading oracle cards. There are also exercises in the classroom to help you put the lessons into action. We'll be doing some of the exercises together as a group in the LIVE session webinars. You'll be able to share questions and readings for input in the Facebook community.
What if I can't attend all the LIVE session webinars?
Each LIVE session will be recorded and available as a replay in the classroom. You'll still benefit from watching the replays even if you can't be in the actual webinars.
Will I be able to get an oracle card reading during the class?
Yes, if you participate in the Facebook group. You'll be doing a few reading trades with classmates.
What happens when I sign up?
You'll get immediate access to the classroom and the lessons available. Check out the GETTING STARTED section for information on navigating the classroom and important links.
What technology do I need?
To view the course videos, you need to have a high speed internet connection. The videos are NOT downloadable, so you'll need to be able to watch them on one of your devices (computer, tablet, smart phone) as streaming downloads. The PDF will need to be viewable and will be downloadable. You will also need Zoom software downloaded on your device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) to view the LIVE study sessions.
Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with the course?
We certainly want you to be happy with the class. However, there are NO refunds issued because once you pay, you have instant access to content, resources, and the Facebook group. Therefore, please read all the details about this class carefully. Feel free to email me with questions before you purchase if you're unsure: [email protected]

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